Alternascript Optimind Review – An In Depth Analysis Of The Product

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Intro to Optimind – What is it?

Benefits of Using Optimind Nootroopics

The benefits of Optimind nootropic supplements explains why Optimind is considered a good product by some people. Lets look at a list of the pros and cons.

Pros of Optimind

  • They have a “try before you buy” offer.
  • Feel improved focus and energy within 30 min
  • Helps you think clearly
  • Improves mental performance even in stressful circumstances
  • Heightens your awareness
  • Ingredients have been thoroughly tested
  • Backed by a double-blind, randomized placebo controlled clinical study

Cons of Optimind

  • Unknown dosage of caffeine
  • Focus Blend’s mask the actual dosage of powerful nootropic ingredients
  • May take 12 weeks to see enhanced long-term cognitive effects
  • Some ingredients are unproven
  • Their Focus Blend does not provide specific amounts of key ingredients

What is Optimind Designed to do?

According to Alternascript, it is designed to enhance your focus, increase your energy levels, improve mental performance, turbocharge your awareness, and enhance your overall cognitive functions within 12 weeks of use.

Optimind Ingredients

Product label on Optimind bottle
Vitamin D (9.6 mcg) – Research indicates that Vitamin D can play a role in the improvement of brain function.
Thiamin (1.5mg) – Also known as B1, this vitamin helps the body change carbs in to energy which provides energy for the brain (1). It also aids in developing the myelin sheath, a coat that surrounds the nerves to protect them, an essential requirement for the brain.
Vitamin B12 (500mcg) – For those who have a deficiency of B12, this vitamin can prevent a loss of neurons in the brain which is often associated with memory loss. It may also improve your memory and cognitive function as well.
Synapsa (bacopa) plantBacopa monnieri (Unknown dose) – This ingredient comes from a tropical plant and is one of the most effective nootropic ingredients out there. Bacopa monnieri will cross the blood brain barrier to help to enhance the growth of nerve endings which helps boost cognitive function by enhancing memory, processing speed, and rate of learning.
Phosphatidylserine plantPhosphatidylserine (Unknown dose) – This ingredient is a fat molecule, a major piece of all cell membranes. Phosphatidylserine can be found naturally in specific foods and helps to protect the body’s cells. It is an essential component for nerve cells within the brain to transmit messages properly. Studies have also shown that it aids in the prevention of memory loss and helps increase cognitive speed.
GABA (Unknown dose) – Also known as Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, is a amino acid that acts a neurotransmitter in your brain. When it attaches to GABA receptors, it creates a calming affect which can treat feelings of anxiety, stress, or fear. Unfortunately experts don’t know how much GABA reaches the brain when consumed but they believe it is only a small amount.
Caffeine plantNatural Caffeine (75mg) – Believe it or not, caffeine is considered a nootropic as well. (2) Caffeine opposes the production of adenosine which will prevent you from becoming tired. Caffeine is a effective at providing you with focus and energy for a short period of time. It also can improve your overall mood by making your brain’s serotonin receptors more responsive. Even though the product label doesn’t give exact dosage, we discovered that it was 75mg.
Tyrosine plantL-Tyrosine (Unknown dose) – A naturally produced amino acid in the body that is essential for producing chemicals in the brain that help nerve cells communicate with each other. This amino acid will cross the blood brain barrier to improve concentration and alertness as well as keep the brain working in extreme physical conditions.
Alpha Lipoic Acid (Unknown dose) – A compound that is produced in the body naturally. It can also be found in a variety of foods and supplements. It acts as a powerful antioxidant in the body. Since it is believed that memory loss is greatly affected by oxidative stress, Alpha Lipoic Acid is thought to help slow the loss of memory. However, there isn’t enough research to definitely say whether or not it an effective treatment.
Huperzine A Complex Aerial Parts Extract (Unknown dose) – Also commonly referred to as Huperzia serrata, this substance is derived from the Chinese Club Moss herb and helps to reduce age-related cognitive decline. This ingredient is also great for improving energy and alertness.

What we think of the Optimind Formula

Overall, definitely not impressed with this formulation. The nutrition label doesn’t provide any dosage for any of the potent ingredients such as Bacopa Monnieri or L-Tyrosine. This is always concerning in a nootropic supplement because brands often don’t provide dosage since the ingredient amount is negligible and won’t provide you with anywhere near enough to make any big effect.

What is more concerning is that they don’t provide you with the exact dosage of Caffeine which seems absolutely ridiculous. Why would anyone in their right mind take a supplement that has an unknown amount of caffeine? This is dangerous for anyone who is already taking caffeine or is sensitive to it.

Most people get enough vitamin B12. But, if you are a vegetarian or elderly individual, you may benefit from this extra dose of vitamin B12. The problem is the ingredient amount. With 500mcg of B12 you are getting 20,833% of your daily recommended value. This is obviously much more than is needed which makes us question if this is being used as a “filler ingredient”.

This nootropic stack contains GABA and Alpha Lipoic Acid which don’t have sufficient research to prove that they provide any nootropic benefit. Both of these ingredients are untested and therefore shouldn’t be in this formulation.

Its clear after doing this Optimind review is that the problem with this formulation is we don’t know much about it. Optimind was a pioneer in the nootropic industry but it seems a bit behind by today’s standards. Very few companies have proprietary blends as it causes suspicion among users. Proprietary blends such as Optimind’s Focus Blend, don’t provide exact amounts for each ingredient so you really don’t know what you’re getting.

While there are plenty of reviews for Optimind where people have reported benefits. The biggest concern is that most of those benefits such as focus and energy are coming from high doses of Caffeine and pretty much nothing else.

How Does It Work?

The effective ingredients in Optimind help boost cognitive performance by enhancing the neurotransmitters in the brain to work more quickly and efficiently.

Who Will Benefit From Using Optimind?

While we don’t recommend taking Optimind because of its secretive Focus Blend and unknown dosage of Caffeine, using nootropics in general will help individuals who need the extra attention and mental clarity in order to achieve the goals they set for the day.

Nootropics work expeciall well for:

  • Students who need to concentrate in class or focus when studying for tests.
  • Work professionals who are being constantly distracted and need to maximize their productivity.
  • Elderly people who are proactively trying to prevent memory decline due to age.
  • Individuals who needs to think clearly during stressful situations.

How It Feels

You will feel a boost in your energy and ability to focus on tasks. Keep in mind that there is an unknown dosage of caffeine so this may be the reason for increased focus and energy. If you are sensitive to caffeine you make feel jittery.

Optimind Side Effects – Is It Safe?

Generally nootropics are pretty safe and possible side effects are minimal. However, there are a couple concerns in regards to how safe it is to take this nootropic stack. Since their proprietary blend doesn’t give us exact doses of all their ingredients, it is impossible to know all the Optimind side effects because you don’t know if you are consuming a healthy amount or if you are consuming more than what is recommended.

Unfortunately the Optimind product label doesn’t provide information regarding the amount of caffeine per serving so there are concerns for anyone who is sensitive to caffeine or for anyone who already take caffeine and is afraid of consuming too much.

Its also important to note there isn’t sufficient research on the side effects of GABA but some countries have banned that substance so that is a little concerning.

How Do You Use Optimind?

Optimind product label instructions

To improve your mental performance, take 1-2 capsules in the morning with a full glass of water. If you find that your body has a higher tolerance, you may take 2-4 capsules. Do not exceed more than 8 capsules within a 24 hour period. You will feel its short term benefits within 30 minutes. It may take up to 12 weeks of continuous use to experience the long term benefits.

Optimind FAQs

Does Optimind Work?

Yes, Optimind does work. Due to the high concentration of caffeine, it is hard to say how well the other ingredients in Optimind work for focus and memory. While there are some great Optimind ingredients that have been proven to improve memory and concentration, their proprietary blend prevents us from knowing if the dosage is enough to be effective. With that being said, many people have reported that Optimind has increased their mental performance.

Is Optimind a scam?

No, Optimind is not a scam.It is natural for users to become suspicious when seeing a proprietary blend. Often times proprietary blends have minimal ingredients are used to mask that poor formulation. With that being said, there are plenty of people who claim they have experienced cognitive benefits from taking Optimind. It may not be the best nootropic out there but it will give you some benefit. With that in mind, we recommend you take a better nootropic that is much more transparent and effective.

How Long Does Optimind Last?

The serving size is 2 capsules. The quantity per container is 16 servings which should last you 16 days. If you are more sensitive to the effects of Optimind then you may only want to take one Optimind pill per day which would mean the bottle will last 32 days.

It will take about 30 minutes to start feeling the effects of optimind and your should experience a focus and energy boost throughout the rest of the day.

What Are Some Optimind Alternatives?

There are plenty of nootropic supplement products to choose from. Other than this Optimind review, we have reviewed many of these products on our website. Through our rigorous research we highly recommend using either Mind Lab Pro or Performance Lab Mind. We review both of these excellent supplements here on Zimmez.

Both of these supplements have natural and safe ingredients that are extremely effective at improving your brain’s performance. In addition, they do not hide behind a proprietary blend so you know the exact dosage of each ingredient in their formulation.

Overall Review

  • Short-Term Cognitive Effects
  • Long-Term Cognitive Effects
  • Safety
  • Price


After rigorously going through our Optimind review, we think that overall Optimind is mildly effective nootropic. It will boost brain performance and its formulation contains some good ingredients such as Bacopa and L-Tyrosine. However, it does contain 20,833% of your daily value of B12 which is obviously excessive.

It also is a proprietary blend so specific amounts of ingredients aren’t provided on the product label, making it impossible to know if you are getting an effective amount of what you need and whether or not it is safe. Again, the biggest concern is the unknown dose of caffeine which could prove dangerous.

While there are people that swear by this supplement, many of those benefits like focus and energy could be attributed to the unknown dose of caffeine.

There are better nootropics out there that offer complete transparency with their formulations. We highly recommend that you try one of those nootropics instead.


  • They provide a “try before you buy” option.
  • Boosts concentration and energy within 30 min
  • Helps clear brain fog
  • Improves brain performance even in stressful environments
  • Backed by a double-blind, randomized placebo controlled clinical study


  • It can take 12 weeks to see long-term cognitive effects
  • Some ingredients haven’t been thoroughly tested
  • Optimind Focus Blend doesn’t provide specific ingredient amounts
  • There is unknown amount of Caffeine which can be dangerous

Where Can I Buy This Product?

You can get Optimind on various websites and stores such as CVS and Amazon. However, we do NOT recommend buying Optimind based on our review. Simply put, there is a much better nootropic supplement available who are transparent about their formulations. Instead we recommend you try the nootropic supplement we rated at #1. It is on sale until 16th June 2024.

We Recommend Purchasing Mind Lab Pro

Nootropic rated #1

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