Adrafinil is a manmade nootropic stimulant. It works in much the same way as modafinil, albeit without the same intense effects.

Adrafinil is broken down to increase the chemical modafinil, a naturally occurring chemical in the body that keeps us awake and alert. By taking the supplement adrafinil, you increase the amount of naturally occurring modafinil in the body.

Adrafinil fights tiredness by increasing energy levels. Adrafinil increases concentration, allowing you to focus on the task at hand for longer periods of time. Studies have shown that this supplement could potentially increase memory capacity and the ability to learn information.

This supplement was created in France in the ’70s and became a popular prescription to combat sleeping disorders and related symptoms, specifically in the elderly population. In 2011, it was deemed illegal in France. But it is legal, though unregulated, in the US and most other countries.

Many people use adrafinil because they want to improve their short- and long-term memory and fight fatigue while studying, taking an exam, or pulling a long shift at work.

It is best to take adrafinil as part of a stack. Stacking supplements makes taking your target supplement a little safer, as it reduces the dosage and gives you the desired effect by working in tandem with other ingredients.

5 Best Adrafinil Stacks

A supplement stack refers to the practice combining more than one supplement to get the desired effect. Adrafinil can be stacked with many types of supplements like other nootropics, vitamins, minerals, protein powders, and more. Adding them together gets you the results that you want while cutting down on the intensity of taking adrafinil by itself.

The 5 best adrafinil stacks are:

  • Adrafinil-Milk Thistle Stack
  • Adrafinil-Pramiracetam Stack
  • Adrafinil-L-theanine Stack
  • Adrafinil-Noopept Stack
  • Adrafinil-Caffeine Stack

Adrafinil-Milk Thistle Stack

If you are someone who wants to take adrafinil for the long run, combining it with milk thistle will improve the side effects taking adrafinil has on your liver, especially when taken in doses higher than the recommended amount.

Milk thistle, also called silymarin, is a great supplement to pair with adrafinil because it helps with liver function. Milk thistle is a flower similar to the daisy and grows in the Mediterranean.

Adding 75mg of milk thistle to your 300mg of adrafinil per day before breakfast will give you liver support and enhanced cognitive function.

Adrafinil-Pramiracetam Stack

This stack is for people who are not very sensitive to supplements that stimulate the mind or body. This stack is the most helpful for people who are trying to achieve a lot in a short amount of time.

Pramiracetam is used to increase cognitive function by improving short- and long-term memory. When you combine this with the waking effects of adrafinil, you can get a lot done throughout the day. With this stack, people have reported more motivation, better memory, and increased wakefulness.

When you take these supplements, the most common dosages are 300mg of adrafinil before breakfast and 300mg of pramiracetam with breakfast.

Adrafinil-L-theanine Stack

L-theanine is an amino acid that is mostly found in green tea such as matcha. L-theanine is mostly used to create a state of wakefulness while also having a calming effect. It is common to use it to reduce anxiety and stress without feeling tired.

L-theanine has shown its importance through history and culture for centuries. During the 13th century, monks used matcha for meditation before passing on its benefits to the samurai. It then became ingrained in Japanese culture, where it was used by those samurai to increase their energy and focus before long battles.

This is one of the most effective stacks, because when you take both adrafinil and L-theanine together, you will have a clear, relaxed, and alert mind.

It is most commonly recommended to take 20mg of L-theanine and 300mg of adrafinil before breakfast, and another 300mg of adrafinil around noon. Everyone is different, so adjust the amount that you take according to how your body reacts.

Adrafinil-Noopept Stack

Noopept powder works by improving the alpha brain waves, which means that you can recall information more quickly and improve short-term memory while increasing your acetylcholine. People are also able to understand more complicated problems than usual and are more willing to find a solution to those problems.

Along with increased memory and ability to solve large-scale problems, noopept powder works in the hippocampus of the brain to reduce stress and anxiety.

It is a very common nootropic because it works within an hour of taking it. People use the adrafinil-noopept stack to increase their memory and reduce stress while maintaining a feeling of alertness without feeling drowsy.

The common dosage that people take is 10mg of noopept powder and 150mg of adrafinil before breakfast, then another 300mg of adrafinil around noon.

Adrafinil-Caffeine Stack

Adrafinil and caffeine are paired together because, although they have similar effects, they are slightly different.

Caffeine is the active ingredient in coffee, chocolate, and certain kinds of tea. Caffeine acts as a stimulus to the central nervous system, increasing the heart rate. The result is feeling more awake and less tired. Caffeine is a common additive in medication for people suffering from migraines, headaches, and chronic fatigue.

Some people use adrafinil to gently come off a caffeine addiction. Other people have built up a caffeine tolerance and need something extra to give them the wakefulness that they desire. By combining caffeine and adrafinil you get the desired effect of feeling mentally and physically awake.

People who take this combination report being alert, awake, and motivated to do work of all kinds at highest capacity. The amount that you should take when combining the two is 200mg of adrafinil with a cup of coffee or 200mg of caffeine before breakfast.

Always consult with your doctor before you take new supplements. This stack may not be suitable for people with a heart condition and are monitoring their caffeine consumption.

Adrafinil Dosage While Stacking

There are no hard guidelines for what dosage you should take because Adrafinil isn’t regulated in the United States. That said, a common dosage amount suggested if you are using it on its own is between 600-12,000mg per day.

While taking a nootropic stack, it’s best to reduce the amount that you consume to lower the chance of side effects. When you combine nootropics, they work together to stimulate the body so you don’t have to take as much to get the same result.

Adrafinil Side Effects

It is common for people to take half of their daily amount in the morning before breakfast and the other half after lunch. You should avoid taking adrafinil late in the afternoon. If you do, you will have a difficult time falling asleep at night.

If you take large doses of adrafinil for the long term, it will harm your liver and kidneys. To prevent that from happening, it should be taken three days a week at most for less than five months.

Even though they are reported very rarely, adrafinil has also been known to cause side effects like nausea, high blood pressure, a heart rate that is faster than normal, and trouble sleeping during the night.

Adrafinil Benefits

Adrafinil is one of the best modafinil alternatives. Modafinil increases cognitive function but is not a stimulant, even though it acts as one. If you have ever seen the movie Limitless and wanted a pill that could give you something of the same effect, then modafinil is the closest thing available.

It allows you to focus for hours at a time without getting tired, enjoy better memory, and feel mentally alert. It works by increasing the amount of dopamine and histamine in the brain.

It also dulls the “fear” sensation, allowing you to work more efficiently even if you are under a lot of pressure or have a strict deadline. Also, because of the increase of dopamine, the effect is an improved mood. It has been used for people who suffer from narcolepsy, Parkinson’s, and chronic fatigue.

It also promises to help in treating stimulant drug abuse.

With all of these positives offered by modafinil, you might be wondering why anyone would be looking for an alternative in the first place.

There are also negatives to taking modafinil in and of itself. If you take it every day, however, your body will get used to it and build up an intolerance, at which point the amount that you take will no longer be effective. To keep this from happening, you have to take it less than four times per week and less than two months at a time before taking a break.

Also, if you are continuously taking this drug, your brain will not get the rest that it needs, resulting in possible damage. There is also a potential for dependence and withdrawal symptoms if you go without it for too long.

Taking an alternative like adrafinil is ideal when you need a boost but something not as strong.

Benefits of adrafinil include increased cognitive function, wakefulness, and improved short- and long-term memory. Another benefit is that you are able to feel adrafinil work 60-90 minutes after taking the recommended dose.

It works within the bloodstream to increase the amount of modafinil in the body and is at its most concentrated state three hours after taking it. Always take it with that in mind, whether you are studying for a short amount of time or pulling an all-nighter.


What is another name for Adrafinil?

Another name for adrafinil is olmifon, also called CRL-40028.


What is the difference between Adrafinil and Modafinil?

People confuse adrafinil with modafinil because they have similar effects. Adrafinil is broken down in the liver and causes an increase of modafinil in the body.


Is Adrafinil a nootropic?

Adrafinil is a type of nootropic. Nootropics that are similar to adrafinil are butorphanol, nystatin, and verapamil. They also work as cognitive enhancers.


Is Adrafinil a banned supplement?

Adrafinil is banned in France and by the WADA, classified as a stimulant but non-specific.


What is the recommended dosage

The recommended dosage is between 300-1200mg and is best to take on an empty stomach.


How long Adrafinil last?

It typically works 1-2 hours after taking it, but it’s at its peak three hours after taking it. The effects should last around 12 hours.


Does Adrafinil effect your liver?

Just remember that adrafinil is really hard on the liver and shouldn’t be taken more than five months at a time.

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