Genius Mushrooms Review – An In Depth Analysis Of The Product

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Intro to Genius Mushrooms – What is It?

The Genius Brand is well-known for its impressive range of performance and health supplements. It creates some of the most highly-rated sleep aids, health supplements, and nootropics on the market. Here, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at its specialist mushroom supplement: Genius Mushrooms.

Genius Mushrooms is an organic capsule product made by Genius Brand which contains 3 types of mushroom extract, each with their own distinct benefit.  According to the bottle, it is designed to improve ‘energy, immunity and clarity’. The question is, does it actually work?

More on that later…

First lets go through some of the claimed benefits of taking Genius Mushrooms so that you can decide if this supplement is right for you. 

Benefits of Using Genius Mushrooms Nootropics

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Some of the claimed benefits of Genius Mushrooms include:

  • Mental Clarity
  • Natural Energy
  • Immune Function

Let’s look at the benefits of each of the 3 main ingredients:

  • Lion’s Mane – Helps promote memory and mood.
  • Reishi – Supports the immune system.
  • Cordyceps – Help raise natural energy levels through ATP production.

Pros of Genius Mushrooms

Now that we know what some of the claimed benefits of Genius Mushrooms includes. Now lets look at some other pros of the product:

  • This product is from a reputable brand with a really popular product line. Genius avoid proprietary blends, and don’t taint their products with unnecessary fillers. Unlike some other nootropics, it’s also free from stimulants.
  • Many users have claimed that this product works: the genius mushroom extract improved mental clarity and concentration levels when taken over a sustained period of time.
  • Genius mushroom is a simple blend, and is based on scientific research surrounding the health benefits of each mushroom.
  • Competitive price for a quality product.

Cons of Genius Mushrooms

  • Unlike other nootropics, you won’t get an immediate effect with this product. You need to take it over a long period of time to get any noticeable improvements in cognitive performance.
  • It works well as a simple daily supplement, but it can’t provide you with immediate boosts for mental performance like other competing products.
  • There are no studies on the long term effects of taking this, so further research needs to be done on the side effects of lion’s mane, reishi and cordyceps when used over a long period of time.

What are Genius Mushrooms Designed to do?

List of what Genius Mushrooms are designed to do

Genius Mushrooms is designed to be used as a daily supplement to boost cognitive health and immune system function. It is not a product for acute mental performance boosts. Rather, it’s a product that can help you improve concentration and reduce fatigue over time.

Cordyceps is one of the three main ingredients, which has been shown to help improve the functioning of the immune system. While no supplement can prevent any disease, the immune-boosting properties of the ingredients in this product are widely thought to be good for your overall health in the long term.

What are Genius Mushrooms Ingredients?

A product label for Genius Mushrooms supplements

There are just three primary ingredients – all of them different varieties of mushrooms. Here’s a breakdown of what each serving contains:

Lion’s Mane (500mg), also known as Hericium erinaceus is considered to be one of the best performance-enhancing mushrooms on the market, making it a popular ingredient in the world of nootropics.

Lion’s mane [1] works by encouraging the release of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) in the brain. NGF controls a range of processes, including brain cell growth and development. The benefits of lion’s mane include cognitive enhancement, due to the increased neuron growth from the higher concentrations of NGF in the brain.

Some people expect immediate results with a lion’s mane supplement, but you won’t get anything from just a few weeks of use. However, if you stick with it for the long term – we’re talking months or even years – the improvement to brain function can be huge.

The 500mg dose in a serving of Genius Mushrooms is sufficient to see cognitive performance improvements.


Reishi (500mg) is also known as Ganoderma lucidum. The Reishi mushrooms have a similar effect to Lion’s mane mushrooms. They have strong cognitive performance-enhancing properties, and are linked to brain cell growth.

The positive effects of Raishi are thought to be caused by the polysaccharides found in a Reishi mushroom, and that’s why the Genuis Brand product offers a high-polysaccharide extract. The 500mg of potent Reishi extract in this blend is plenty to increase brain cell growth over a sustained period of time.


Cordyceps (500mg) is also known as Cordyceps militaris & cordyceps sinensis. The Cordyceps mushroom is thought to have a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Improved energy
  • Increased brain function
  • Lowered stress
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Protection from oxidative damage

While some of these claims are not backed-up with scientific studies, clinical trials have shown that cordyceps does improve the function of the immune system. It appears to increase immune cell count as well as boost their activity and efficiency.

In Genius Mushrooms there is 500mg of cordyceps sinensis and militaris, which is lower than some competing products, and the studies that show the benefits of this supplement use much higher amounts. It’s unlikely that you’d see significant benefits from a 500mg dose, but you should see some when used over time.

Other Ingredients: Vegetable Capsule (Hypromellose), Silica, and Ascorbyl (Vitamin C) Palmitate.

What We Think of the Genius Mushrooms Formula

The 3 ingredients in Genius Mushrooms supplements

Overall, we like this as a mushroom stack but unfortunately mushroom stacks can only do so much. Most people (us included) want a nootropic supplement that provides both long-term and short-term improvements for your brain and Genius Mushrooms doesn’t do that.

While ingredients such as Lion’s Mane can improve your cognition, it requires a long amount of time. Meaning, you will need to take this supplement for months before you start to notice any effects. So if you are looking for a short-term boost, you won’t be getting it with this supplement. 

In addition, this product is similiar to most other mushroom stacks on the market at the moment. In a way, that’s to be expected. There aren’t that many mushrooms known to have a positive effect on cognitive performance, and of those that are known, Genius Mushrooms contains the three main ones.


Overall, we think that users of this product will experience improvements in their cognitive function in the long term, but this isn’t the right product for you if you’re looking for something with an instant effect.

Who Will Benefit From Using Genius Mushrooms?

Genius Mushrooms are designed to give you an immunity boost, increased energy levels and increased mental capacity. If these sound like things you could use, then Genius Mushrooms might be right for you. Those who might benefit particularly from supplementing with this product include:

  • Those who are looking to increase their energy: All three mushrooms in this formula have energy-enhancing properties, and cordyceps in particular are thought to decrease fatigue.
  • Those with mild symptoms of anxiety or stress: User’s have reported a reduction in symptoms of anxiety when taking this supplement. While these claims are largely unfounded, a study in 2018 showed that Lion’s mane reduced symptoms of stress and anxiety in mice.
  • Those who want to improve immune health: Cordyceps have been shown to improve the immune system response, making this a great supplement for those with a weak immune system.
  • Those with poor concentration: Lion’s mane, reishi, and cordyceps mushrooms all have benefits for focus and concentration [2].

Genius Mushrooms Side Effects – Is It Safe?

Reasons why Genius Mushrooms are safe
While Genius Mushrooms is likely to be safe for any healthy adult at the recommended dosage, there is always the risk of side effects.

Here, we list the main side effects associated with each mushroom:

  • Cordyceps: May increase the symptoms of auto-immune diseases, and increase the risk of bleeding in those with bleeding disorders.
  • Lion’s mane: May cause allergic reactions. Difficulty breathing and skin rashes are the main signs).
  • Reishi mushrooms: May cause low blood pressure, cause liver damage, cause bleeding disorders, cause stomach upsets and diarrhea.

At Genius’ recommended dosage, most people are at a low risk of developing these side-effects. However, you should always take these seriously and be cautious, particularly if you have a pre-existing condition or are susceptible to allergies.

How Do You Use Genius Mushrooms?

Suggested Use instructions for Genius Mushrooms

Genius Mushrooms come in capsule form, making them easy to take with a drink. A recommended serving size is three capsules. To use this product, you simply need take the daily serving and wait to see the effects. This works as a mushroom stack, so you can blend it with other performance enhancers to get the effect you desire.

Genius Mushrooms FAQs

Genius Mushrooms VS Genius Consciousness

Genius Consciousness is a lion’s mane supplement just like Genius Mushrooms but it includes lots of other ingredients as well. It is a daily drink, which claims to aid high performance thinking. Further, it is designed for an instant effect rather than a gradual one.

Genius Mushrooms Vs Host Defense

Host Defence contains the same three mushrooms as Genius Mushrooms for their core ingredients. However, Host Defence also contains Bacopa (whole plant aqueous extract), Gotu Kola, and Ginkgo. In contrast, the Genius Mushrooms has much higher doses of the mushroom extracts, and no other additions. They are both considered among the best mushroom supplements on the market.

When Should I Take Genius Mushrooms?

This label for this product suggests you take three capsules a day, but there is no indication of whether it should be taken before or after food. The Genius website suggests that you can stack this product with other powders and blends, with the following recommendations:

  • For a Mood Boost: One serving (3 veggie capsules) of Genius Mushrooms with half a serving of Genius Joy. (To be consumed a maximum of twice a day).
  • For Improved Athletic Performance: One serving combined with one serving of Genius Pre, taken 30-60 minutes before exercising.
  • For Improved Productivity: One serving combined with a single serving of Genius Consciousness.

Is The Genius Brand Good?

The Genius Brand is good and is known for its unique health and performance product line. Their website claims that their mission is to provide quality and beneficial health product to their customers at a reasonable price. As far as we can see, they deliver on that promise. A number of customer reviews testify to the quality of this brand, and we were impressed by the detail given on their website about their products.

Overall Review

Genius Mushrooms
  • Short-Term Cognitive Effects
  • Long-Term Cognitive Effects
  • Safety
  • Price


At the end of the day, Genius Mushrooms is just a mushroom stack. The ingredients in the product will NOT give you short-term brain improvement. So if you want something that’s going to help you prevent cognitive decline and promote good immune system function, this is a good choice but it is going to take months before you sill start to see results. If on the other hand, total brain optimization is what you desire, Genius mushroom extract won’t cut it. You’re better off finding a more complete nootropic product for more significant and faster results.

However, if you do decide that you do want a mushroom stack, Genius Mushrooms is a solid mushroom extract product from the Genius Brand team. As far as mushroom supplements go, you can’t go far wrong with this one. It has clear benefits and the capsules don’t contain any unnecessary fillers or top-ups so you will get good value for your money.


  • Quality product from trusted brand, at a reasonable price.
  • Customer reviews suggest benefits from cordyceps, reishi, and lion’s mane were felt.
  • Great for immune system boosting.


  • Does not give an immediate effect – you need to take this for the long term to see any benefits.
  • There are more effective supplements for brain optimization on the market.
  • Side effects and long term benefits require further research.

Where Can I Buy This Product?

You can purchase Genius Mushrooms at most health food stores, both independent and corporate. If you prefer to shop online, you can buy Genius Mushrooms directly from the Genius Brand website, or a number of other e-commerce stores.

With that being we do NOT recommend buying Genius Mushrooms based on our review. Simply put, there is a much better nootropic supplement available. Instead we recommend you try the nootropic supplement we rated at #1. It is on sale until 16th June 2024.

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