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Intro to Mind Lab Pro – What is it?

Single bottle of Mind Lab Pro supplementsMind Lab Pro is one of the most popular nootropic supplements out there and its nootropic blend boasts the most loyal customers.

As a result, clients have overwhelmingly reported positive results from using the product, and new customers are constantly popping up.

What’s so impressive about this blend is that it only has a minimal amount of ingredients yet can boost nearly every aspect of full brain optimization.

Mind Lab Pro produces strong effects on your brain’s neurons. It increases the expression of the Neuron Growth Factor (NGF), which is responsible for neuron growth. This supplement also encourages your neurons’ rapid reproduction and repair.


Once you begin, you’ll notice the difference immediately. But you’ll also feel a difference long after your bottle runs out.


Since Mind Lab Pro promotes the formation of new brain cells and encourages branching of the neuro dendritic cells, the supplement’s benefits will linger long after you stop taking it.

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Benefits of Using Mind Lab Pro Nootropics

The benefits of Mind Lab Pro Nootropics make this product stand out from other similar supplements. The list of advantages is long, and the drawbacks are short.

Pros of Mind Lab Pro

  • Produced in FDA approved facility
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Better mental performance during stressful situations
  • Greater concentration and focus
  • Faster memory recall
  • Enhanced learning and memory formation
  • Protection against oxidative damage
  • Increased capacity to learn
  • Faster brain processing
  • Brain cell protection
  • Mental clarity
  • Balanced mood
  • One of the most advanced nootropics stacks available
  • Supplements supported by research

Let’s explore five of the biggest pros individually.

A woman who is thinking

Increased Capacity to Learn

When you’re spending long hours studying, the brain can get fatigued and struggle with mental exhaustion. This works against your brain as you’re trying to learn, but the Mind Lab Pro supplement can help.

Components of Mind Lab Pro can improve your brain’s capacity to absorb new information for a long time, giving your study sessions a major boost.

Brain Cell Protection

As we get older and endure lots of stress, our brain cells can become exhausted, and you will begin losing them at faster rates. (1) When you are losing high functioning brain cells, it makes important, everyday tasks much harder to perform.

This supplement protects these ever-so-important brain cells so they can serve you for longer.

Greater Concentration and Focus

Mental clarity and focus help the brain stay on its intended path as it completes tasks, solves problems, and synthesizes new information.

When there’s a lot going on in your life, your brain can struggle to stay on the right track. However, Mind Lab Pro can help you focus on one task without distractions.

anxious lady

Reduces Anxiety

You know just how interruptive stress and anxiety can be when you have things you need to focus on. (2) Mind Lab Pro can help reduce the feelings of stress and anxiety inside the body so that you can use your brain for more productive, healthy tasks.

Faster Brain Processing

Brain block is a real thing that can get in the way of a speedy information processor. Certain ingredients in this supplement enhance the rate at which your brain processes information, increasing your rate of general activity and thought.

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Cons of Mind Lab Pro

There’s no such thing as a ‘perfect product’ – everything has its downfalls. The good news about Mind Lab Pro is that it doesn’t have many.

  • Because the ingredients are so comprehensive, you can’t stack Mind Lab Pro with other supplements.
  • Might be too pricey for some people

Because of Mind Lab Pro’s far-reaching benefits, you don’t want to use it with other supplements. This may dishearten some users at first if they’re already taking a different nootropic. However, Mind Lab Pro is so comprehensive that you won’t need to use any other cognitive performance supplements.

As the best nootropic supplement, it offers everything you need to improve cognitive function. This minimizes your bottle clutter and saves you money – you won’t need to shop for several enhancing effects- Mind Lab Pro packages everything into one product.

What’s In the Mind Lab Pro Nootropic Supplement?

Ingredients label listed on Mind Lab Pro bottle

This supplement uses only 11 ingredients, but it makes the most of them. It contains some of the best natural nootropics, including:

  • B Vitamins
  • Rhodiola rosea
  • Bacopa monnieri
  • Lion’s Mane mushroom

Every ingredient is pure and potent so that you can expect a high-quality product every time.

With all these claims to improved brain function, it begs the question, “What ingredients are in Mind Lab Pro nootropic supplement?”

Here’s the outline of the top-performing Mind Lab Pro ingredients you’ll find in each bottle:

  • B6
  • B9
  • B12
  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • Citicoline
  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom
  • L-Theanine
  • Maritime Pine Bark
  • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine
  • Phosphatidylserine
  • Rhodiola Rosea

Together, this mix creates a high-quality formula that is hard to compete with. First off, there is an incredible diversity within the ingredients. Secondly, each ingredient is available in generous, helpful doses.

Mind Lab Pro Ingredients

Each ingredient plays its own vital role in the quality of this supplement, so let’s explore each one to understand how it impacts the brain and overall cognitive performance.

vitamin b6Vitamin B6 does a great job of promoting your brain’s chemicals to do their job by boosting their synthesis, conversion, and utilization. Adding B6 to your regimen will also help your body create more serotonin, a hormone that regulates mood and norepinephrine, which aids in stress management.
Vitamin B9, also known as folic acid, is a vitamin essential for proper cognitive function and enhances the performance of mood-boosting chemicals within the brain. This ingredient helps you create new red blood cells and breaks down homocysteine, which is a potentially harmful amino acid present in large amounts.

vitamin b12Vitamin B12 supports your brain’s energy, so it doesn’t cause fatigue so easily while boosting your brain’s energy metabolism. It also helps to protect your brain’s cells by forming myelin sheaths around your nerves.

Those with a B12 deficiency can have problems with memory loss, so this dose works to ensure strong memory recall long-term. B12 also plays a role in preventing the loss of neurons in the brain.

Bacopa Monnieri plantBacopa Monnieri (150 mg) Bacopa monnieri is arguably the most effective natural memory booster that is available to us on this earth. When you supplement daily with bacopa monnieri, clinical trials have shown an increase in memory retention, recall speed, and recall accuracy.

The bacopa monnieri extract found in Mind Lab Pro is unique in that it consists of the nine bioactive bacosides within the extract that contribute to an improved level of memory function.

Rather than include the entire plant, as many other nootropic formulations do, Mind Lab Pro distills the most important aspects of it and delivers it directly to the brain.

citicoline ingredientCiticoline (250 mg) is a great cholinergic. It can quickly raise your brain’s levels of acetylcholine, which is your most powerful neurotransmitter. When you increase your acetylcholine levels, you can rapidly increase:

  • Your focus
  • The rate at which you process information
  • Your short term memory function
  • Cognitive performance in general

Citicoline also offers additional benefits, such as the healthy formation of brain cell membranes.

The Citicoline we’re talking about in this Mind Lab Pro review is 250 mg of the high-quality ingredient. With a 250mg boost, you’ll immediately feel noticeable improvements in your learning and focus.

single lions mane mushroomLion’s Mane Mushroom (500 mg) is a popular supplement often taken to stimulate more NGF production in the brain. Since NGF is one of the most crucial neurotrophic factors within the brain, the benefits you can reap from Lion’s Mane are plenty.

Using Lion’s Mane can regulate the differentiation, growth, maturation, and regeneration of neurons in the brain.

Long term, higher levels of NGF mean drastically improved levels of cognitive function that you can feel from the first day you take it. With 500mg of it with every caplet of Mind Lab Pro, you’re sure to notice a major difference.

L-Theanine ingredientL-Theanine (100mg) is another active player in this supplement. Theanine’s main role is to counteract some of the negative effects that caffeine brings with it.

When taken together with caffeine, the two ingredients work synergistically to heighten the best effects while reducing the anxiety and jitters that can sometimes occur. When taken at night apart from caffeine, Theanine can provide a calming effect that induces sleep.

Theanine is an amino acid commonly found in black coffee, but the concentration percentages are small. To reap the real benefits of this ingredient, you’ll want to supplement it in a powder form.

This nootropic supplement does just that in a dose of 100 mg for noticeable effects. It’s perfect for taking along with your morning coffee to get those improved benefits.

Pile of Maritime Pine BarkMaritime Pine Bark (75mg) If you’ve never heard of Maritime Pine Bark before, you’re not alone. This ingredient isn’t easily found in other nootropic formulations, making this one of the things that make Mind Lab Pro stand out the most. This ingredient is a major source of naturally occurring antioxidants – specifically proanthocyanidins that work to protect brain cells.

These antioxidants are easily absorbed into the brain’s barrier while promoting a healthy flow of blood to the brain. These two benefits go a long way in supporting long-term brain health.

With every dose of Mind Lab Pro comes 75mg of the potent Maritime Pine Bark extract. Their version of the ingredient has distilled it down to the purest antioxidants for the strongest punch.

l-tyrosine ingredientN-Acetyl L-Tyrosine (175mg) Tyrosine is slowly making its way into more nootropic supplements, as researchers are beginning to see the amino acid’s major nootropic capabilities.

Those who supplement regularly with Tyrosine have been found to experience drastically increased cognitive function levels when exposed to extreme stress. For example, Tyrosine can help those who are deprived of sleep or facing a bad cold.

For these reasons, Tyrosine is a great ingredient to supplement for students, athletes, or professionals trying to stay focused during the workday. Tyrosine can help maximize productivity and focus.

Mind Lab Pro delivers a bio-available version of Tyrosine, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, at 175mg for the ideal dose.

Sunflower with PhosphatidylserinePhosphatidylserine (100 mg) is a naturally occurring structural component of cell membranes in the brain. There’s a large portion of your brain cells that are specifically made up of phosphatidylserine.

This component is incredibly important when it comes to signaling to other brain cells that a cell is not functioning well or is dying. When the cell is on its last leg, the phosphatidylserine moves outwards towards the cell wall to send its signal.

This ingredient is crucial to a properly functioning, healthy brain. Unfortunately, our body’s natural levels will decrease as we age. We naturally ingest some of this ingredient in our food, but we often aren’t getting enough. You can maximize your phosphatidylserine levels by supplementing with this 100mg daily.

rhodiola rosea ingredientRhodiola Rosea (50mg) is a great ingredient to alleviate the physical symptoms of stress and anxiety. If we had to complain about one thing with this supplement, it would be the smaller amount of Rhodiola Rosea. We’d like to see a bit more than the 50mg offered here, but you will still feel its benefits.

This natural anxiolytic acts quickly by reducing high blood pressure, relaxing muscles, and clearing the mind. When you incorporate other anxiolytics such as Ashwagandha or Tyrosine, its effects become even more noticeable.

These Mind Lab Pro ingredients work together to improve six different aspects of brain function. Within these six aspects, there are further detailed benefits. Here’s what we mean:

Aspect 1: Memory

Within Memory, Mind Lab Pro works to improve:

  • Encoding
  • Storage
  • Recall
  • Test-taking
  • Learning

Aspect 2: Performance

Within Performance, Mind Lab Pro works to improve:

  • Verbal
  • Speed
  • Focus
  • Processing
  • Attention

Aspect 3: Mindset

Within Mindset, Mind Lab Pro works to improve:

  • Motivation
  • Mood Balance
  • Creativity
  • Stress Resistance
  • Relaxation

Aspect 4: Structural

Within Structural, Mind Lab Pro works to improve:

  • Fight degeneration
  • Injury repair
  • Anti-Aging
  • Fluid Membranes
  • Neurogenesis
mind lab pro ingredients interacting

What We Think of the Mind Lab Pro Formula

Understanding all of these ingredients is a lot to take in. That’s why we wanted to be sure to include a discussion of the ingredients in this Mind Lab Pro review.

Mind Lab Pro takes the cake as the most balanced, comprehensive nootropic supplement available to purchase today.

Mind Lab Pro is impressive in its coverage of nearly every aspect of cognitive function:

  • Citicoline works to increase focus and processing speed rapidly.
  • Then the Bacopa Monnieri comes in to boost your memory recall, retention, and thought formulation speed.
  • Rhodiola rosea works alongside Tyrosine to keep you feeling calm and focused and counteract any feelings of anxiety. This is especially helpful during those really stressful moments in life, whether mentally or physically.
  • You’ve also got your Lion’s Mane mushroom hard at work to stimulate your brain cell growth.
  • Don’t forget about the Maritime Pine Bark protecting your cells or the phosphatidylserine offering its best structural support.

Over time, these ingredients together create a healthier brain for the long-term.

The ingredients list is quite the mouthful, but all of these ingredients have been carefully chosen and extracted in their most bioavailable forms to create one of the most comprehensive and effective nootropic stacks you’ll find on the market today.

Even with all it provides, there is an impressive lack of waste within the formulation. It can be tempting for supplement companies to add volume and bulk with ingredients that aren’t as active and helpful, which puts you at unnecessary risk and won’t give you the best bang for your buck.

Other companies advertise a million ingredients and claim that they all have magical powers, jacking up the price just to trick you into something that’s not as powerful as you expected.

Mind Lab Pro stays far away from these marketing and production tactics, keeping their stack limited to the most powerful and important ingredients that anyone who knows a good nootropic supplement will look for. They are careful not to go overboard but still cover every aspect of cognitive performance. Mind Lab Pro is hands down the best nootropic out there!

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Why Choose Mind Lab Pro As Your #1 Pick?

There are nootropic brands galore in the marketplace right now. While many of the blends are good options, some aren’t. Marketing and advertising can make it hard to tell the difference between the two – and makes it even harder to find a truly great one.

Mind Lab Pro cuts through the marketing fluff and offers real results to its loyal customers. This is the first and one of the biggest benefits that this specific formulation offers you.

Mind Lab Pro is a nootropic that won’t leave you with ANY unpleasant adverse side effects.

In contrast, many supplements have to reserve a portion of their advertisements advising of some possible side effects that aren’t so pleasant.

When it comes to side effects, Mind Lab Pro has none. That’s because this product uses naturally extracted ingredients that don’t depend on chemicals to create a noticeable difference in performance.

Still not convinced Mind Lab Pro is the best option? No problem. The benefits of Mind Lab Pro really go on and on.

  • Powerful Stuff: Each bottle contains a combination of 11 powerful ingredients backed by science as brain boosters extraordinaire.
  • Advanced Forms: The ingredients come in their most advanced, powerful nutrient forms patented by the Mind Lab Pro company to provide the most noticeable difference.
  • NutriGenesis: The vitamins included in each Mind Lab Pro stack come identical to nature for the best absorption and use by your body.
  • The Right Dosage: Mind Lab Pro doesn’t mess around when it comes to dosage. Each dosage has a high-potency, clinical range.
  • No Secrets: Many supplement companies choose to stand behind their own proprietary blends to hide the actual dosage of their active ingredients. They show all doses and don’t use any proprietary blends.
  • Safe and Trustworthy: You can trust that the Mind Lab Pro formulation is clean, safe, legal, and effective.
  • Validated: Their blends are tested and validated by third-party sources for quality assurance.
  • Green: All capsules are Premium NutriCaps made from plant-based ingredients.
  • Direct: This supplement gets straight to the point with no pointless ingredients to take up space.

Who Benefits from Mind Lab Pro Supplement?

Some nootropic supplements are created with one particular archetype in mind. There are supplements made for the bodybuilder, the person trying to lose weight, the student, and the busy mom.

Rather than aiming to help just one group of people, Mind Lab Pro works as the world’s very first Universal Nootropic.

What exactly does this mean? Well, Mind Lab Pro can boost the cognitive processes in every person. While all who take this supplement will notice beneficial changes, this nootropic blend is especially powerful for those who live a lifestyle that demands dynamic brainpower. These may include, but are not limited to:

Active Seniors

active senior couple riding bikesIf you are an adult over the age of 55 looking to maintain your active, healthy lifestyle for many years to come, Mind Lab Pro is a great product to introduce into your routine.

The special formula supports a long and healthy quality of life for adults looking for extra support for their mental clarity, memory, mood, and verbal communication skills.

Work Professionals

Busy professionals need their brains to be functioning at their highest for many hours a day. That’s just what Mind Pro Lab can do.

This nootropic formulation works to boost your productivity at the office and improve your work performance for all your higher-ups to see. Nootropics help with focus, creative problem solving, and effective multitasking in moments of high stress.


Guy playing chessA good competitor needs sharp analytical skills, a clear head, and a calm mindset to help them pull out the big wins. Whether you’re a gamer or a chess champion, you’ll notice that Mind Lab Pro creates the focused and calming effects you need to succeed in any kind of competition.


Guy reading book in libraryStudents spend most of their time absorbing new information and storing it away in their brain for safekeeping. Mind Lab Pro supports both of these functions in addition to improving attention span, memory recall, focus while studying, and stress resistance during situations like taking a test or giving a presentation.


Guy running on race trackFrom the first week of training to the big game, Mind Lab Pro supports athletes every step of the way. By boosting your willpower and tolerance for intensity as well as optimizing brain chemistry for motivation, athletes will gain a major advantage over their competition the natural way.

The Anxious

Anxious girl biting pencilThere are people all over the world that suffer from anxiety every day. Anxiety can get in the way of big moments, special events, clear problem solving, and much more. No matter what age you are or what you do for a living, anxiety doesn’t discriminate. When you’re suffering from the symptoms of anxiety, your brain activity levels can suffer.

Components in this blend can help you to focus on the task at hand and do away completely with those annoying, anxious thoughts. With a clear head and a calm mind, you’ll be impressed to see how much higher you function.

Reviews of Mind Lab Pro Nootropic Supplement

A great way to get a deeper understanding of how this product has impacted real customers is to take a dive into the reviews online. You’ll need to take the overly positive reviews with a grain of salt – as well as some of the overly negative ones – but after going through several, you’ll get a good idea of the general consensus.

One of the more impressive things about Mind Lab Pro is that there are several reviews straight from the mouths of doctors, psychologists, and other experts that confirm the massive benefits of this blend.

Most reviews by experts and customers alike offer a similar sentiment: it works. Mind Lab Pro delivers consistent results each day.

Real users say that this supplement keeps them feeling like their brain is switched “on” all day long and keeps them feeling sharp and focused. They boost overall mental health and keep customers feeling alert no matter what the day throws at them. They also notice an overall enhanced memory.

Mind Lab Pro FAQs

Do you still have questions about Mind Lab Pro? Below are the answers to some of the most frequent questions heard around the web.

Does the FDA approve this product for consumption?

Yes, this product is created in an FDA-approved facility.

How can I ensure I’m getting the right product?

To guarantee you’re getting the right product, be sure that the bottle has the official Mind Pro Lab logo, and all of the ingredients are identical to what is shown online. Don’t purchase this product from a retailer you don’t trust.


Overall Review

Mind Lab Pro
  • Short-Term Cognitive Effects
  • Long-Term Cognitive Effects
  • Safety
  • Price


Mind Lab Pro bottle and boxWithin thirty minutes of opening your Mind Lab Pro supplement bottle and popping a plant-based capsule into your mouth, you’ll be feeling its effects coursing through your body without any icky side effects like shaking or rapid heartbeat. This comprehensive nootropic stack takes the cake as our #1 pick for noticeable results and long-term brain health.

If you’ve been looking for a nootropic that actually works, go with Mind Lap Pro. Why choose a mediocre product with more ingredients and side effects when you could order the best option on the market? Yes, I would definitely buy Mind Lab Pro!


  • All-In-one solution
  • Improves overall brain health
  • Enhanced mental clarity
  • Improved memory recall
  • Quicker learning
  • Increased ability to learn
  • Faster brain processing
  • Optimized mental performance in stressful envionment


  • Can’t stack with other nootropics
  • Might be considered expensive for some users

Where Can I Buy This Product?

You can buy Mind Lab Pro through the links on this website. In contrast to other online vendors we aren’t trying to up-sale supplements. Instead we have scoured the market in order to find you the best possible price. Click the button below in order to take advantage of a sale ending on the 16th June 2024.

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