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Intro to Qualia Mind – What is it?

Qualia Mind is a nootropic that acts very quickly. When you take the recommended dosage, you will experience its effects on your mind throughout the day. One of the benefits of Qualia Mind is that it doesn’t interrupt your sleep patterns so you don’t need to worry about making a trade off between an excellent night’s sleep and improved cognitive function.

Qualia Mind is one of the best nootropics for the development of long-term memory but it is also great for improving your short-term memory and processing of information. Where Qualia Mind really shines is that it is able to provide you with a great amount of focus during demanding environments and stressful situations.

Qualia Mind is a very natural nootropic supplement. Some of its powerful ingredients include Bacopa monnieri, Rhodiola rosea, and Ginko bioba, among others. This nootropic is gluten-free, non-GMO, 100% vegan, and shouldn’t produce any negative side effects because of its natural ingredients.

Benefits of Using Neurohacker Qualia Mind Nootropics

A bottle of Qualia Mind and a list of benefits

Pros of Neurohacker Qualia Mind

  • Makes memories more accessible
  • Produces calming feelings
  • Increases focus and learning capacity
  • Heightens motivation and overall sense of well-being
  • Has a money back 100 day guarantee
  • Will definitely increase memory
  • Has some very powerful ingredients
  • Safe – most people won’t experience adverse side effects
  • Well established and popular nootropic supplement

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Cons of Neurohacker Qualia Mind

  • Not all ingredients improve cognitive function
  • Pricey

Qualia Mind costs consumers nearly $5 per day, more than double the cost of some other common nootropic supplements on the market, which usually cost around $2 per day or less. Despite its high price, it’s worth it to experience the best short-term improvements in your memory. Other products simply don’t offer this kind of specialization.

What is Qualia Mind Designed to do?

List of things Qualia Mind is designed to do

According to Neurohacker, Qualia Mind is engineered to do the following:

  • Beat Brain Fog
  • Amplify Willpower
  • Upgrade energy
  • Heighten Creativity
  • Fuel Focus and Concentration
  • Boost Brain Nutrition
  • Promote Mental Clarity
  • Decrease Procrastination
Neurohacker claims that the effects of Qualia Mind are fast-acting with benefits occurring within 20 minutes. In addition to the benefits listed above, Qualia Mind is also supposed to promote long-term brain health. Some of the long-term effects include:

  • Support of neuron and synapse development
  • Promotes neuroplasticity and neurogenesis
  • Enhances energy and metabolism
  • Provides focus even in stressful situations and environments

All of these benefits sound amazing. The question is, how well does Qualia Mind actually work? Find out by reading our detailed Qualia review below!

Qualia Mind Ingredients

A product label of Qualia Mind ingredients
Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCL (500 mg) – This is used for memory loss due to age, and thinking problems related to alcoholism (1). This will probably not be very beneficial for you unless your an elderly person who struggles with memory loss or tiredness.
Artichoke Leaf Extract (500 mg) – Artichoke leaf extract has a lot of health benefits including lowering bad cholesterol, regulating blood pressure, and improving liver function and digestion (2). However, as a mental stimulant, there isn’t a whole lot here.
Bacopa Monnieri Leaf Extract (300 mg) – This is where the supplement starts to get good. Bacopa monnieri has been used for centuries in improving memory loss and boosting brain function. Studies have confirmed that this ingredient increased their ability to learn and retain information. A 12 week study of 60 adults found that memory, attention, and ability to process information improved.
Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract (300 mg) – This is another great ingredient for brain health. Rhodiola rosea helps prevent mental fatigue and research has shown that it can increase your performance at work by almost 20%. Rhodioloa rosea has also been attributed to improving motivation to study. One case study found that test scores increased by 8%.
DL-Phenylalanine (300 mg) – This is a synthetic phenylalanine, an amino acid that is known to act as an antidepressant, appetite suppressant, and may play a role in reducing mood swings, increasing energy, and improving mental alertness and focus.
Uridine-5′-Monophosphate heptahydrate disodium (250 mg) – Early research has found that uridine can enhance cognitive function, reduce nerve pain, as well as improve sleep and mood. Unfortunately this is relatively new and hasn’t been sufficiently studied for long-term benefits or risks.
N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine (250 mg) – A popular dietary supplement that improves attention, focus, and alertness. It also helps make dopamine which rewards your pleasure centers and is important in memory and motor skills. It also may improve memory and focus in stressful situations as well.
Taurine (100 mg) – An amino acid that is often found in energy drinks and has various health benefits, unfortunately none of those benefits are nootropic. Not sure why taurine is in this Qualia Mind?
L-Theanine (200 mg) – An amino acid that is not produced by the human body. However, studies have shown that it improves mental focus and when paired with caffeine, may be even more effective. Research has also found that this compound can increase a person’s attention and reaction time.
Alpha-GPC (200 mg) – One of the main reasons why Qualia Mind is effective. Alpha – GPC appears to have cognitive enhancing properties and can reduce the rate of cognitive decline in the elderly. It increases acetylcholine, a chemical in the brain that is important for memory and learning.
Cognizin Citicoline (150 mg) – An essential nutrient that is required to produce acetycholine, a neurotransmitter that is essential to regulating your intelligence, mood, and memory. citicoline is linked to blood levels in order to improve blood levels resulting in better processing and memory. Research also indicates that citicolinie also improves mood and overall mental clarity.
Organic Coffeeberry (90 mg caffeine) Whole Cofee Fruit Extract (129 mg) – We are all pretty familiar with the effects of caffeine. I think its just important to note the dosage of caffeine. For anyone who is sensitive to caffeine, you will notice that the amount of caffeine here is more than an 8 oz. Red Bull energy drink.
Velvet Bean Seed Extract (100 mg) – Also called Mucuna pruriens is derived from a tropical legume. This supplement is designed to boost dopamine levels which may lead to improved mood but doesn’t add much to improving concentration, memory or focus.
Phosphatidylserine (100 mg) – A chemical that is often used to prevent cognitive and memory decline. It is necessary for cell signalling so that your brain is able to get rid of dying brain cells.
Theobromine (100 mg) – A compound similar to caffeine that comes from the cacoa plant. It is considered a mild stimulant but unlike caffeine, it doesn’t affect the central nervous system and therefore doesn’t affect alertness or mood like caffeine does. Not sure why this ingredient was included.
DHA (80 mg) – Also known as Docosahexaenoic acid is an omega-3 fatty acid. DHA helps to increase blood flow during mental tasks and protect against age-related cognitive decline and improves mental performance.
Celastrus paniculatus Seed Extract (60 mg) – Derived from seeds in a fruit off a vine, the extract is used to protecting the brain and improving cognitive function. While early studies in animals shows promising results, it is too early to say how effective it is in humans.
Ginkgo biloba Leaf Extract (50 mg) – An herb used in traditional medicine that improves blood flow to the brain and enhances memory, concentration, attention span and overall brain health. With increased blood in the brain comes increased oxygenation and therefore better mental performance. Ginkgo Biloba also helps reduce cognitive decline due to aging and can improve mood as well.
Coleus forskohlli Root Extract (20 mg) – Often used in fitness supplements, Coleus forskohlii is typically used to increase testosterone levels and burn fat. While preliminary evidence is promising in these areas, it really doesn’t affect brain function and doesn’t have much reason to be in Qualia Mind.
Pyrroloquinoline Quinone disodium (10 mg) – Also called PQQ, is a molecule with the capability to be a REDOX agent with antioxidant effects. While it isn’t a pure antioxidant, it is involved in a anti-oxidative cycle with an enzyme called glutathione. While this may provide health benefits this is another ingredient that Qualia Mind could do without.
Huperzia serrata Leaf Extract (5 mg) – Derived from a species of plant called a fir clubmoss, this extract contains a compound called Huperzine A (HupA). This extract has a inhibitory effect on acetylcholinesterase (AchE) which degrades acetylcholine, a transmitter that is essential for memory, attention, and learning.
Other Ingredients include: Vitamin C (100 mg), Vitamin D3 (25 mcg), Thiamine (50 mg), Niacin (50 mg), Vitamin B6 (20mg), Vitamin B12 (100mcg), Pantothenic Acid (50 mg), Hypromellose, Organic Rice Concentrate, Organic Rice Extract Blend, Silicon Dioxide, Calcium Carbonate.

What we think of the Neurohacker Qualia Mind Formula

A bottle of Quilia Mind on top of a brainThis Qualia supplement is very effective at what it is designed to do, which is to support and maximize the health of your brain. This formulation works especially well for those who want to optimize their memory, focus, and learning while in stressful situations. It is also great for improving long-term memory and reducing decline of cognitive functions during the aging process.

The Qualia Mind formulation has a lot of very good ingredients such as Bacopa Monnieri Leaf Extract, Rhodiola Rosea root Extract, etc…

The only issue we found with this supplement is that there seems to be seems some ingredients such as Coleus forskohlli Root Extract and Vitamin C which may have health benefits but don’t offer any benefit to a nootropic supplement.

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How Does it Work?

Taking Qualia Mind has both short term and long term effects on brain health. It was designed to support the pathways that control cognitive and performance functions, even after discontinuing use.

While some of the ingredients give immediate benefits (as soon as 20 minutes), Qualia is also designed to help build neuron and synapses, repairing cell walls so that your brain functions better long-term, even without the supplement.

Qualia Mind contains nootropic compounds that work as nootropics on their own but work synergistically with each other to greater cognitive effects.

Who Will Benefit From Using Neurohacker Qualia Mind?

Collage of people doing athletic activities

Really anybody who wants to improve their cognitive functions can benefit from Qualia Mind but this supplement works especially well for the following:

  • Students who want to improve their focus and memory while studying or listening in class
  • Young work professionals who need to stay on task
  • Elderly people who want to remain alert and retain their memory as they age
  • Individuals who need to focus during stressful situations and environments

How It Feels

A lady at the lakeNeurohacker Qualia Mind is specifically engineered to be an effective nootropic supplement. You should start to feel significant improvement in your focus and alertness within 20 minutes of taking the supplement.

As you consistently take the supplement, you should expect to feel more energized, have improved concentration, memory recall, be able to learn more easily and process information more quickly.



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Qualia Mind Side Effects – Is It Safe?

According to Neurohacker, the supplement was designed to not have any adverse side effects when taken the correct dosage. However, there is a small percentage of people who may experience minor symptoms including:

  • headaches
  • trouble sleeping
  • muscle tightness
  • upset stomach
  • fatigue

How Do You Use Qualia Mind?

Calendar with information on cycling Qualia MindProduct Application Instructions:

All Neurohacker Qualia Mind supplements come in capsule form. Though the effects are dependent on body weight and chemistry, the standard dose for an average adult is 7 capsules. It is recommended that you take these capsules in orally in the morning, preferably on an empty stomach.


Qualia Mind is designed to be taken for 5 days and each week (2 days off).

Best practices:

To receive the full effects of the supplement, it is recommended that you get adequate sleep and practice good self-care.

Neurohacker Qualia Mind FAQs

Qualia Mind vs Focus

Qualia Focus is a sister product to Qualia Mind. They are both designed to act quickly and improve brain health. Qualia Mind is the premium product. It produces superior support for attention and focus in stressful situations and environments.

Qualia Mind has additional ingredients added to its formulation including: PQQ, Phosphatidylserine, DHA, and CDP-Choline. According to Neurohacker, these ingredients help individuals who want to have optimal memory and brain health throughout the aging process.

Though Qualia Focus doesn’t have all of the benefits of Qualia Mind, it is still a great nootropic supplement that will increase your focus and memory. Its main advantage to Qualia Mind is its price. Qualia Focus is much more affordable than Qualia Mind.

Does Qualia Mind really work?

Yes, Qualia Mind does really work. It is a great supplement for improving memory, information processing, focus and attention span, even during stressful situations.

How long does Qualia last?

You will be able to feel Qualia effects as quickly as 20 minutes. The short term effects can last anywhere between a few hours to a few days, depending on your metabolism. However the long term effects can last much longer, depending on how long you have taken Qualia and how well you have maintained your brain’s health.

Does Qualia Mind have caffeine?

Yes, 1 serving (7 capsules) contains approximately 90 mg of caffeine, less then the amount of caffeine in a 12 oz Red Bull. However, there is a caffeine-free option.

Overall review

Neurohacker Qualia Mind
  • Short-Term Cognitive Effects
  • Long-Term Cognitive Effects
  • Safety
  • Price


Qualia Mind is an excellent product in many ways. It will do what it claims to do which is reduce brain fog, increase will power and energy, improve creativity, enhance concentration, focus and clarity, as well as and provide your brain with healthy nutrients to promote both short-term and long-term cognitive health benefits. It also has a lot of great cognitive enhancing ingredients.

However, there are also several ingredients that are unnecessary for a healthy brain. Removing those unnecessary ingredients would reduce the cost which leads me to the biggest downside to Qualia Mind. Unfortunately Qualia Mind may be a little expensive for some people.

Fortunately you can get 50% off your first order if you sign up for a subscription. Overall, I think Qualia Mind is a good purchase!


  • Heightens motivation
  • Memories are more accessible
  • Increased learning capacity
  • Enhanced Focus
  • Well established and popular nootropic
  • 100 day money back guarantee


  • Contains some “filler” ingredients
  • Is expensive after your first purchase

Where Can I Buy this Product?

You can buy Qualia Mind through the links on our website. We have undergone a thorough verification process for both quality and affordability so that you get the best bang for your buck.

While many online retailers and vendors try to up-sale you on their products, we have researched and found the store with the best price for you. If you have been looking for the most affordable cost then click the button below in order to take advantage of a sale ending on the 16th June 2024.

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