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This page was last updated June, 2024

Of the 16 online reviews available, no other nootropic stack was rated as the top stack more often than Performance Lab Mind.

It seems others have come to the same conclusion as I did, that if your are looking for a safe and effective nootropic that can be stacked with other supplements, your best option is Performance Lab Mind.

With that being said, lets dive deeper in to this Performance Lab Mind review to help you decide if this is the mind-enhancing supplement for you.

Intro to Performance Lab Mind – What is it?

Blue human brainPerformance Lab Mind improves your mental state and helps you stay focused. While it undoubtedly benefits your brain, it’s also excellent for your body. Performance Lab Mind is a relatively new supplement that is a distant cousin of Mind Lab’s Pro supplement.

Like Mind Lab Pro, it’s one of the best nootropics on the market. It promotes healthy brain function using 100% natural ingredients that are proven to be beneficial for the brain. Mind Lab Pro is more for general use, but Performance Lab Mind is more focused on cognitive function and reducing anxiety and stress.

Several brain-boosting nootropics on the market contain well over ten ingredients, but Performance Lab Mind contains only four: Citicoline, N-acetyla-L Tyrosine, Phosphatidylserine, and Maritime Pine Bark extract. These ingredients are essential in improving cognitive function. Performance Lab Mind contains no other ingredients, so you know the supplement will have powerful effects.

One of the best things about Performance Lab Mind is that it can be combined with other nootropics.

This product has been tested and approved for use with other nootropics to enhance brain function even more, for the maximum improvement in cognitive brain function. For example, you can use Performance Lab Mind with Performance Lab Energy for any long and exhausting work sessions you may have.

In addition, if you’re conscientious about what you’re putting into your body, this product is the best choice for you. Its composition is incredibly simple, and its ingredients are vegan-friendly, gluten-free, GMO-free, and soy-free.

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Benefits of Using Performance Lab Mind Nootropics

Safe ingredients in Performance Lab Mind

For the most part, nootropics work in the same way across the board. To understand how Performance Lab Mind works and what the benefits are, we need to have a basic understanding of how the brain works.

The brain consumes about 20% of the body’s total reserves of energy. It requires constant maintenance and management; Neurons are constantly growing, getting injured, and dying, so they require massive amounts of energy to make sure they’re properly getting information. Metal fatigue occurs when the body is unable to provide enough energy to the brain.

This is where nootropics like Performance Lab Mind come in. Overall, nootropics can support healthy brain function by:

  • Amplifying metabolic activity of mitochondria
  • Helping to transport fatty acid material to fuel mitochondria
  • Increasing cerebral uptake of oxygen and other nutrients, effectively fueling the brain

Performance Lab Mind can boost brain energy up to 13.6% while supporting focus, memory, speed, and motivation.

Single bottle of Performance Lab Mind Performance Lab Mind can even help your brain recover from intense cognitive exertion such as in stressful situations or after a test or exam. The capsule contains no caffeine but still helps your energy levels get and stay elevated.

Performance Lab Mind is designed for performance. It encourages the brain’s blood flow and helps oxygen get to where it needs to be while supporting flexible and healthy neural structures. This helps with memory and learning. Best of all, the easy daily recommended dose of 1-2 capsules per day helps you restore brain chemicals and bounce back from mental exertion.

Pros of Performance Lab Mind

There are several pros to using Performance Lab Mind, including (but not limited to):

  • Protects the brain from oxidative stress
  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Enhances focus
  • Promotes brain cell formation
  • 60-day money-back guarantee if you don’t see any effects (but you will!)
  • No possibility of mega-dosing, due to the minimal ingredients and effective dosing method
  • Long-term benefits including improvements in cognitive power and function
  • Undergoes strict testing for quality assurance
  • Allergen-free, soy-free, gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO
  • Few, clean and all-natural ingredients
  • Reduces anxiety and stress while promoting brain cell formation

Supports Specific Aspects of the Brain

This is just an overview of the basic benefits of the capsule. It can support specific aspects of the brain’s functioning as well, including:

Neurons and Neurotransmitters

Neurons have the job of transmitting information throughout the brain. Nootropics can optimize these neurotransmitters by promoting their synthesis, enhancing their sensitivity, and inhibiting the breakdown of the neurotransmitters. (1) Nootropics also support circulation in the brain by promoting the relaxation of the blood cells and making those cells less likely to clump.

Free Radicals and Neuron Protection

Something many people don’t know is that the neurons need protection from things called free radicals (2). Free radicals are unstable and oxidative compounds that result in premature aging as well as permanent tissue and DNA damage. Nootropics can support in protecting neurons by increasing the brain’s antioxidant abilities and cleaning the brain of neurotoxins.


Neurogenesis, the process of the brain regenerating new brain cells, is aided by nootropics as well. As we said before, the brain is in a constant cycle of death, birth, and repair. Nootropics support the regeneration of the brain by boosting growth factors and maintaining the brain cell’s flexibility.

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Cons of Performance Lab Mind

Despite its near perfection with the number of benefits, Performance Lab Mind does have cons (but only a few).

  • Doesn’t contain Lion’s Mane Mushroom, which is proven to be beneficial to cognitive and overall health
  • May be considered a little expensive for some. 

Peformance Lab Mind Ingredients

Ingredient label for Performance Lab Mind

Due to a short ingredients list, there is a nonexistent allergy list! A big positive to Performance Lab Mind is that it contains just four all-natural ingredients, making it extremely safe for most people to take. These are:

Citcoline nootropic ingredientCiticoline (250 mg) is a chemical that is naturally-occurring in the body (3). Citicoline alone is widely available as a supplement and was originally used for the treatment of age-related memory loss. This chemical helps transport dopamine (the “happy” hormone) to the brain, which aids in feeling positive emotions. It also increases the acetylcholine levels in the brain, which improves cognitive functioning and cell formation.
phosphatidylserine flowerPhosphatidylserine (100 mg) is vital for brain function but decreases as we get older. As a result, cognitive performance is affected. Supplements that contain this phospholipid (such as Performance Lab Mind) can help your cognitive performance at its peak.
N-Acetyla-L Tyrosine nootropic ingredientN-Acetyla-L Tyrosine (250 mg) is beneficial for those who feel physically and emotionally stressed. This chemical helps alleviate anxiety and keeps focus during stress. It also boosts memory and focus, even when you haven’t gotten enough sleep.
Maritime Pine Bark Extract nootropicMaritime Pine Bark Extract (75 mg) is traditionally used to make medicine for various health problems that affect the heart and blood vessels. It’s also high in antioxidants, which prevent free radicals from damaging tissues. This keeps your brain functioning and healthy while preventing oxidative damage.

How It Feels

The effects of nootropics on the previous systems are all well and good, but not many people are concerned with them. Most people take nootropics for their brainpower boosting abilities, so they are curious about how they may feel.

Performance Lab Mind is specifically designed to be a powerful nootropic, so you should feel some significant improvement in your brain function within days of your first use. You will feel more alert and focused almost immediately. If you consistently use Performance Lab Mind, you’ll notice massive improvements in your energy, concentration, learning performance, memory retention, and information processing.

Through all of the clinical research of Performance Lab Mind, there have been no noted adverse effects.

This is likely due to it having only four all-natural ingredients. The manufacturer of the capsule (Performance Lab) does extensive quality testing to ensure that the Performance Lab Mind capsules are high quality and make you feel great.

Research has shown Performance Lab Mind can safely be taken with other nootropics. This is called “stacking”. There is a theory that stacking nootropics may make them work better than if they were taken alone. This is because some nootropics can “team-up” on cognitive concerns and address them from several angles, ensuring that it’s covered.

However, with any supplements, be careful self-experimenting with DIY-stacking of nootropics. It is safe but be cautious; know that you can contact a professional if you have any questions.

Overall Review

Performance Lab Mind
  • Short-Term Cognitive Effects
  • Long-Term Cognitive Effects
  • Safety
  • Price


Performance Lab Mind stands out among other nootropic supplements because of its few (but pure and potent) ingredients. It’s these safe ingredients that make it possible to stack with other nootropic supplements. There’s almost no risk of adverse effects during use because the capsules are vegan, GMO-free, soy-free, and-allergen free. The capsules offer so much with so few ingredients that there’s nothing to lose.

These capsules don’t just offer a temporary boost in your brainpower, they have lasting effects like increased focus, better memory, improved concentration, and heightened learning ability. They reduce negative brain waves, resulting in a better mood and a rejuvenated brain. The result after months of use is nothing but positive. Therefore, the official verdict is in: You should definitely consider buying Performance Lab Mind.


  • Protects your brain from anxiety and stress
  • Promotes brain cell formation
  • Enhances memory and focus
  • Can stack with other Performance Lab supplements such as Energy.
  • Clean all-natural ingredients
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Does not contain Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Where Can I Buy This Product?

You can buy Performance Lab Mind through the links on this website. In contrast to other online vendors we aren’t trying to up-sale supplements. Instead we have scoured the market in order to find you the best possible price. Click the button below in order to take advantage of a sale ending 16th June 2024.

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