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Intro to Neuriva – What Is It?

Neuriva is a nootropic designed to enhance cognitive function which comes in capsule form and is easy to take every night before you go to bed.

This supplement promises to help healthy individuals take control of their brain health. Neuriva is made by the well-known company Schiff Vitamins, which has been in business since 1936. If you’re unfamiliar with Schiff Vitamins, it is a reputable company with a wide range of products.

There are two versions of Neuriva available: the Original and a Plus version which contians added B vitamins and folic acid. This review will focus on the original version, giving you all the information and advice on enhancing brain performance. After this review, you will know whether or not Neuriva is the cognitive enhancer you’ve been seeking.

Benefits of Using Neuriva Nootropics

Neuriva’s short ingredient list is one of its many advantages. This natural product doesn’t contain any harsh additives or unnecessary chemicals. It’s also free of stimulants, which a lot of nootropics cannot claim.

Neuriva was designed to help help improve both short-term and long-term memory loss as well as promote several cognitive functions, including learning, focus, and concentration.

List of 5 different brain performance indicators

Pros of Neuriva

  • Schiff Vitamins is a reputable company that has been around for more than 70 years.
  • It’s widely available online and from many local vitamin and supplement retailers.
  • The simple list of natural ingredients is suitable for beginners.
  • Phospatisdyslerine, one of the supplement’s main ingredients, is essential for long-term brain health.
  • It slows down short-term memory loss associated with age.
  • It improves a variety of cognitive functions.

Cons of Neuriva

  • It doesn’t make use of the most effective ingredients found in brain supplements such as Bacopa Monnieri or Ginkgo Biloba.
  • It’s rather pricey for the little amount of ingredients in the formula.
  • There’s limited research available on the effectiveness of Coffee Fruit Extract (one of the main ingredients).
  • It only contains two primary ingredients, making it an incomplete nootropic

What Is Neuriva Designed to Do?

Woman thinking about 5 indicators of brain performance

According to the manufacturer, Neuriva’s formula improves five areas of brain performance:

  • Focus: When you take these capsules, you can zero in on tasks and filter out distractions.
  • Learning: Whether it be a new piece of textbook knowledge or your new coworkers’ names, Neuriva can help you better retain new information.
  • Concentration: If you find it challenging to stick to one task for more than a few minutes, Neuriva has shown to boost users’ concentration.
  • Memory: You can improve your ability to recall and record information.
  • Accuracy: Neuriva can improve the speed and accuracy of your mental reactions.

Neuriva Ingredients

Are you wondering what is in Neuriva and how it improves brain health?

Neuriva’s ingredient list is pretty short. It only uses the following two main ingredients:

An icon of a Cofee CherryCoffee Fruit Extract – One capsule contains 100mg of coffee fruit extract [1]. This ingredient is a fruit extract derived from the Coffea Arabica plant. It offers a good source of polyphenols and other phytonutrients.

These antioxidants have shown to improve brain function, as reported by the National Library of Medicine. Coffee fruit extract can also raise levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in healthy individuals and promote brain function.

Icon of Phosphatidylserine plantPhosphatidylserine – One capsule also contains 100mg of plant-sourced Phosphatidylserine [2]. The human body naturally produces this phospholipid. When its levels are low, you may experience poor memory retention.

Taking Phosphatidylserine through Neuriva can improve your memory because these fatty substances help brain cells better communicate. They improve neuron health and will fuel your learning ability and memory.

There are some other Neuriva ingredients present in miniscule amounts including: Rice bran, Silicon dioxide, Microcrystalline cellulose, and Capsule components (titanium dioxide, carrageenan, hypromellose, and pectin).

While the coffee fruit extract and Phosphatidylserine are the main active ingredients, the other items on the list are beneficial for the brain and overall health.

Rice bran, for example, has been quietly gaining notice as a potential, nutritious part of the rice that we overlook. Indeed, some scientists give the advice that we should consume more of the outer shell of rice rather than disposing of it. Rice bran delivers more than half a daily dose of B vitamins and other essential nutrients. Many B vitamins are essential for cognitive function. Other ingredients in Neuriva, like Silicon dioxide, support bone and collagen formation, ensuring a whole-body approach to health.

GMO-Free, Gluten-Free, and Vegan

List of reasons why Neuriva is safe to useA nice bonus about Neuriva capsules is that they are free of GMOs and gluten. Plus, the Phosphatidylserine comes from sunflowers or soy, making it vegan.

This combination of dietary restrictions can be challenging to come by in most supplements—many other nootropics source phosphatidylserine from cows.

Low Caffeine

The coffee fruit extract contains less than 1% of caffeine, so this nootropic is technically decaffeinated.

Some nootropic brands don’t disclose their caffeine amounts. While caffeine can be healthy as a natural supplement, some nootropic brands will put too much in their products. We appreciate the transparency that Neuriva offers in regards to its caffeine amount.

With nootropics, it’s best to find ones like Neuriva that have minimal caffeine amount. This way, you won’t risk going over the safe daily dosage, which is around 400mg for a healthy adult.

What We Think of the Neuriva Formula

While we appreciate the simple makeup of Neuriva’s formula as well as the transparency of the dosage, the formula is far from potent and complete when it comes to a good nootropic supplement.

Unlike the top nootropic supplements, Neuriva doesn’t contain some of the most effectitive ingredients such as Bacopa Monnieiri, Lion’s Mane Mushroom, L-Theanine, L-Tyrosine, or Rhodiola Rosea among others. 

It is this lack of other potent ingredients that makes it even more surpsising when you look at its price. Its too expensive to justify such a simple formulation. 

True you are able to stack this with other nootropics (because its so basic) but why would you when you can purchase a much more complete effective nootropic? 

Neuriva Plus seems to be a little bit better since it has added folic acid,  B6 which can help with things such as stress management and B12 which boosts you’re brain’s energy and metabolism. With that being said, it still lacks the most effective nootropic ingredients and to be honest, just doesn’t hold up against the industries top performing nootropics. 


How Does It Work?

The Neuriva brain performance enhancement comes from Phosphytadeslrine (PS), the product’s most vital and powerful ingredient. It’s a phospholipid produced naturally in the brain.

As you age, Phosphytadeslrine levels tend to decline. While we consume PS in our everyday diets, it’s often not enough to replace lost levels. PS supports healthy brain cell generation. As a result, you will experience heightened cognitive function when you consume extra PS.

Neuriva’s other ingredient is a coffee fruit extract. It’s a newer ingredient that is still under study to determine its effectiveness. It supposedly increases levels of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF). BDNF promotes the survival of nerve cells, which is critical in promoting cognitive function.

Who Will Benefit from Using Neuriva?

In relation to its actual effectiveness, Neuriva Brain Performance can benefit a wide variety of individuals, including:

  • 18+ individuals: Neuriva is suitable for adults 18 and older. Younger people, such as adolescents, have brains that are still developing and should not take supplements.
  • Healthy individuals: Neuriva improves cognitive function in healthy individuals. You should not take it if you are on prescription medications. It may interact with another medication and lead to decreased calcium and magnesium levels in the body. You should also avoid Neuriva if you have a mental health condition. If you are unsure, ask your doctor for advice before taking this brain supplement.
  • Individuals with high-stress jobs: Individuals with high-stress or fast-paced jobs as police officers, teachers, and doctors will benefit from this product.

How It Feels

Neuriva produces feelings of enhanced mental clarity. Users report feeling more focused and alert. Many people go so far as to say they feel a better overall sense of well-being.

Neuriva Side Effects – Is It Safe?

Even though this supplement is extremely basic and widely considered to be safe, it is possible in very rare cases to experience adverse effects.

Phosphatidylserine can cause bloating and an upset stomach when taken in large doses. As long as you stick to one capsule per day, you shouldn’t experience these issues.

After reading through hundreds of user reviews, we found side effects with regular dosages to be incredibly rare. However, you should still be aware of them. Some potential side effects of this brain supplement include:

  • Rashes: A few users have reported sunburn-like rashes appearing on their arms, hands, and faces.
  • Anxiety: Some users have reported experiencing heightened anxiety.
  • Psychedelic sleep: A few users have stated that Neuriva causes them to fall into psychedelic episodes while they sleep. These episodes are perceivable both physically and mentally. Users report excessive sweating and feelings of extreme anxiety. They also expressed difficulty waking up from sleep.
  • Issues falling asleep: On the less extreme end, some users report having difficulty falling asleep. Disruptions in sleep patterns seem like a trend for some users during their first few nights on this brain supplement.

These side effects were only present in reports from a few people in the hundreds of reviews online. As long as you stick to the recommended dosage and stop usage if you experience any of these side effects, you shouldn’t suffer any long-term effects.

This brain supplement is NOT for use by individuals on other medications, although the label does not explicitly state if it interferes with other products. However, it is well-accepted in the medical community that Phosphatidylserine can adversely affect how certain medications work within the body.

Some medications that may interfere with Neuriva brain supplement include:

  • Performance-enhancing drugs used to increase stamina or improve athletic performance
  • Any types of blood thinners
  • Anti-inflammatory medicines for arthritis, headaches, or general pain

Keep in mind that the FA does not regulate supplements such as Neuriva. Because of this, you should always consult a doctor for advice before taking the capsules regularly.

How Do You Use Neuriva?

Using this brain supplement is very easy. Take one capsule every night before you go to bed. You can take Neurivan with or without food.

While you can take this capsule at any point throughout the day, it promises the best results when you take it before bedtime. After regular use, you should wake up feeling refreshed, alert, and more focused.

Neuriva FAQs

Do you think Neuriva may be right for you but still have some questions? Check out some of the most common questions consumers have about this brain supplement, asked, and answered.

How Long Does It Take for Neuriva to Work?

Neuriva claims to be a fast-acting supplement. There is no definitive answer to exactly how long it takes to start working. Some customers have claimed to notice results in a few days. Others say it took a couple of weeks before they noticed a difference.

The activation time may vary from user to user. However, as long as you stick to taking the recommended one capsule per day, you should notice results after completing your 30-day supply.

Does Neuriva Work for Seniors?

The short answer is yes, Neuriva does work for seniors. A healthy senior who takes this brain supplement can combat minor memory lapses and cognitive impairment.

However, this brain supplement has not proven to help with mental health problems in older adults. It will not help with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and other similar conditions.

Even though Neuriva is not a miracle drug, it can still improve brain health in mentally stable seniors.

Neuriva vs. Prevagen

Both Neuriva and Prevagen are both brain supplements made up of two primary ingredients. However, their exact makeup is significantly different.

While Neuriva contains coffee fruit extract and Phosphatidylserine, Prevagen contains Vitamin D and apoaequorin. Prevagen supposedly improves brain function by removing calcium from the brain.

There haven’t been any trials done directly comparing these two brain supplements. However, there’s plenty of research on the products’ individual ingredients.

As we stated earlier, Coffee Fruit Extract and Phosphatidylserine in Neuriva work together to facilitate connectivity in the brain. This blend contributes to enhanced brain health.

On the other hand, the situation with Prevagen isn’t so straightforward. One issue with Prevagen is that apoaequorin is easily digestible. We wonder how likely this protein is to stay in a healthy individual’s system long enough to be effective.

One study found that apoaequorin, one of its main ingredients, only improved memory in healthy individuals. We cannot say whether Prevagen helps people with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or other cognitive impairment issues.

There is also no definitive research that shows Neuriva helps people with severe mental health conditions. However, its ingredients are present in higher amounts and proven to repair severed connections within the brain.

Is Neuriva FDA-Approved?

The FDA has not evaluated nor approved Neuriva. The product makes it clear that its purpose is not to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any mental health conditions or diseases.

You should always consult with a doctor for advice before starting this brain supplement. You may be at a higher risk of developing side effects if you have preexisting conditions.

Even though Neuriva isn’t FDA-approved, this doesn’t mean it can’t help improve your brain health. There have been thousands of published studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of brain-derived neurotrophic factor.

As long as you consider your health and any unique circumstances, you should be able to take Neuriva without any issues.

Overall Review

  • Short-Term Cognitive Effects
  • Long-Term Cognitive Effects
  • Safety
  • Price


With some mixed reviews out there, it can be challenging to definitively answer the question: Is Neuriva an effecitve nootropic for enhancing brain function? Based on our research and hearing others’ experiences, we believe that Neuriva will provide some benefit.

Neuriva is at the very least, a safe nootropic to consume due to its simple formulation and transparency of dosage. Unfortunately, Coffee Fruit Extract (one of two main ingredients) is unproven.

However, this simple formulation is also much less effective than other nootropic formulations due to the fact that it doesn’t contain any of the most effective nootropic ingredients such as Bacopa Monnieri, Lion’s Mane Mushroom, or Rhodiola Rosea. As a result, there are much more effective nootropics to choose from so we don’t recommend Neuriva.


  • Simple ingredients list (two primary ingredients)
  • Available in a lot of different stores
  • Multiple studies support the effectiveness of Phosphatidylserine
  • Uses plant-sourced Phosphatidylserine
  • Slows down age-related memory loss


  • Expensive for what you get in the formulat
  • There are limited studies on the effectiveness of coffee fruit extract
  • If you don’t buy the Plus version, you will miss out on additional benefits

Where Can I Buy This Product?

No matter where you want to buy Neuriva, you should be able to find it for sale without too much trouble. There are plenty of online and in-store purchase options available. You can buy Neuriva at a variety of different stores including:

  • Drug stores like CVS and Walgreens (in-person or online)
  • Supplement stores like GMC
  • Amazon (from the seller Neuriva itself)
  • Online from Schiff Vitamins, which is the original maker of Neuriva

However, we do NOT recommend buying Neuriva based on our review. Simply put, there is a much better nootropic supplement available. Instead we recommend you try the nootropic supplement we rated at #1. It is on sale until 16th June 2024.

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